A Day at the Races

Today, I participated in a very exciting event.  My school held an adventure race that entailed running, swimming across a river twice, and crossing a suspension bridge.  The object of the race was simple, for your team to have a faster time than the other team.  However, there were different things that we had to do that made it interesting.  Basically, there were three laps.  In the first lap everyone on the team had to run, and when we got to the second river crossing, we could get a two-minute deduction to our team’s overall time if we carried one team member across.  On the second lap, only four people had to run for each team, but any extra people that decided to run as well would get a one-minute deduction for their team.  For the final lap, only two people had to continue, but again, extra team members got a minute taken off the total time.

This may sound simple on paper but it was most definitely not.  We began on a winding road filled with rocks, mud, thorns, and ruts.  There were also many side paths that went around all the mud and rocks.  After we ran for a good ten minutes, we came to the first crossing.  We all plunged into it head on and swam through the current to the other side.  After that we ran down the other way for what seemed like ages.  Our legs hurt and our throats were dry but we kept on going.  Finally we came to the second river crossing.  Since we wanted to get the time reduction we picked up one of the girls on our team and headed across.  When we were in about the middle, the cold water turned to ice, and took all of our breath away from us.  Finally we got out and headed over the bridge and back up the road towards the starting point.  When we got there we were all out of breath and extremely tired, and that was one lap.

After one hour of running, the two teams came together and met to figure out who had won.  After all the calculations had been made, our team had won by just 49 seconds. Our reward for winning is going to be a marvelous plate of dessert. Yum!

- Michael


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