Jugando el futbol en Cochamó

Today was game day: The Link School vs. the Cochamó Soccer Club.  Kurt, the owner of Campo Aventura, set up a soccer match so that we could get to know some of the locals and share an activity they do so well.   Our group arrived at the field first and began warming up.  Then the Chilean players began to arrive, and each new player looked more and more intimidating.  But that didn’t matter, because we knew that even if we lost, we would have a great time.   It was amazing to be playing in such a beautiful spot, with green mountains all around us, a blue sky overhead, and a bright sun shining down – even at 8:00 in the evening.

The game ended up being 6-2, which was better than we expected.  The Chileans were definitely better players than we were, but we gave them a good challenge and made them work hard.  After a long game, we decided to mix up the teams and play a little more with Link students and Chileans playing on both teams.  Then we took a group picture and returned to Campo Aventura for a late dinner, starting at 9:30.  We may have lost the game, but we sure didn’t feel like losers walking away from an awesome once in a lifetime experience in Chile!

- Jenna


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