Chile in 6 Words

Ryan – So much to do. So little time.

Natalie – Chile: legendary beauty, truly generous people.
– Days gone. Heart smiles – part stays.

Jenna – Drinking warm tea. Seeing beautiful views.

Cass – Vibrant adventure. Beautiful expression. Memorable experience.

Mickey (Campo staff member) – Trail waned. Spirits didn’t. Perfect trek.
– Amped soccer. Bridging cultures. Girls score.

Louisa – Unfamiliar, but inviting. Adventurous and exciting.

Jack – Falling off a horse isn’t fun.

Bryan – Pray. Travel. Work. Learn. Understand harmony.

Alex – Had fun riding enjoying the views.

Avery – In a rainforest. Dream come true.

Daniel – One big family drinking tea together.
– Sore feet. Sore hands. Happy smiles.

Michael – Adventure. Excitement. All day, every day.

George – Creeks plus couscous equal Chilean backpacking.

Truett – (Chilean) Red, white, blue, love you too.

Jeremy – Remember in your mind, the beauty.

Anne – Inspiring, thought-provoking, beauty, teachers, progression.

Cezy – Floodtides of culture pour through simplicity.

Hanna – Countless waterfalls. Boundless growth. Immeasurable beauty.

Bobby – Granite inspired, harmony flowed, adiós Chile.

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