Ben Sleeman – Math

I grew up on the coast of North West England and coasted through my education which culminated in graduating from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Mathematics. During my summer breaks I 303070_568919696472411_2118664369_nworked on the maintenance crew at Adventure Unlimited Ranches and fell in love with the mountains of Colorado and the Arkansas river. After feeling disengaged with my education and making poor choices with my friends at home, I was inspired to look deeper by the people I met.

After graduating from university I longed to return to Colorado and start a life that I knew would offer me the challenges and fulfillment that I desired. However, due to visa constraints I stayed in England for 18 months. I struggled to find work and a purpose in life. My life changed when my Grandmother’s health deteriorated and my purpose became to care for her and my family. After saying goodbye, I had a new desire to show love and brighten up the lives of everyone that I came into contact with. Swiftly, I found jobs as a barista in a busy coffee shop and a server in a traditional British pub. I also discovered that the sand dunes and pine forest surrounding my home was a great environment for me to develop my love for running. I looked for opportunities to unite the community I grew up in by organizing charity events, including a music festival, and running my first marathon in Liverpool with my colleagues.

I moved back to wintery Colorado in December 2012 to volunteer at Adventure Unlimited. I was amazed by the change I saw in the environment and began learning to ice climb and ski. Whenever my fingers got too cold I returned to my little cabin and delved into a good book. With the arrival of Spring I began regularly travelling to New Mexico to hang out with my girlfriend Alix, meeting many characters on Greyhound buses along the way.

I am now returned to Colorado, and loving it!