Caitlin Trathen

27747970_10156228587593573_7654905451319877987_oOriginally I am from a suburb outside of Detroit, Michigan. I spent most of my free time growing up reading, running around the neighborhood with friends and pretending I was Disney characters (not kidding). During the summer I would spend weeks with my family up at our cabin on Torch Lake, or I would spend my time learning how to (unsuccessfully) water ski and make jewelry at Camp Kohahna in Glen Arbor, Michigan.

Fast forward a few years to Michigan State University which I attended for close to two years, starting a major in Arts and Humanities and minoring in Spanish. The last half of my second year I decided to do a study abroad to Barcelona, Spain. I instantly fell in love with the city and its people, and when I came back to Michigan five months later, I knew I had to return. After working for about a year and living at home I decided to transfer to Barcelona and finish my studies there. In Barcelona, I attended La Universitat de Barcelona and graduated with a bachelors in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

It was in Barcelona that I started my teaching experience. During the five and a half years I lived in Barcelona; I taught English. I loved watching my students grow and become more comfortable with their foreign language skills. However, after about five and a half years and the passing of a close family member I decided it was time to finally move back to the USA. I applied for a position at 100 Elk outdoor center at AU Ranches in Buena Vista and moved out to Colorado in the beginning of April. Since then, I’ve fallen in love with the mountains and all the outdoor activities available here. I can’t wait and am super excited for all the experiences and opportunities living here will bring!