Erin Easton

I grew up in Monument Colorado. I have been skiing, biking and hiking in the Rocky Mountains since I was two years old. The mountains bring me a sense of peace and perspective. I continue to participate in outdoor sports as a healthy means of processing whatever life hands me.  I have a BA in French from Fort Lewis College, but I like to think that I did most of my learning while traveling and participating in real life.

Traveling enabled me to grow into the independent and inspired person I am today.  When I was twelve, my parents took my brother and me out of school on a four month adventure to New Zealand. This trip showed me the true benefit of experiential learning and gave me the courage to explore the world and challenge my personal limits.

At age sixteen, I spent an exchange year in Switzerland where I found my passion for the French language and European culture.  I also found my inner strength and independence. At age nineteen, I spent a month in Ghana Africa teaching English and building a school. This is where I developed my desire to give back and make a difference in people’s lives. At age twenty, I spent two weeks in El Salvador building water supply systems for remote villages. Here, I learned to believe in myself and trust that I could find my own way in the world. My one year stay in France at age 22 gave me the desire to share my passion for exploring and discovering with others through teaching language. My five months of teaching English in Santiago Chile introduced me to the Spanish language. These five months demonstrated the power language has to break down cultural walls and build lasting bonds between individuals from varying backgrounds.

Learning is not just about books for me. It is about finding yourself in relation to the world and developing the courage to be that person no matter where you are or what troubles you are facing. I believe full heartedly in the methods the Link school uses to promote well rounded, curious and constantly seeking learners.