Gage Edgar

I grew up in a small town in Iowa and was homeschooled until I was a junior in high school. I graduated from Principia college with a double major in Mathematics and Physics.

Gage EdgarIn college, I spent six weeks in Finland studying sustainability and education. Throughout Finland, it was apparent that the love of nature of the Finnish people is supported by a strong outdoor component in the Finnish public-school system. These experiences sold me on the importance of outdoor education as a way to instill in young people a sense of appreciation for nature, not only for its beauty, but for its benefits to human society as well. While my position does not directly relate to outdoor education, I am eager to be teaching at a school that does.

Mathematics has always been a great interest of mine. The problem-solving aspect of math has always been fun, but in college I gained a deeper appreciation for math as a tool for teaching logic. I also love the purity of mathematics, which means that mastery in the subject can be measured completely objectively. I know that math can be challenging, which is why I am eager to help students learn not only the math concepts themselves, but how to learn and grow in mathematics.