The academic curriculum has both collective and individual components.  The collective component is based on a Project Based Learning (PBL) model.  (For more information about Project Based Learning, please see  We choose a PBL theme each year that both influences the content of our courses as well as gives them a common thread.  This year’s PBL theme is, “Resist mediocrity.  How can I make a difference for good?The individualized component of our academics is reflected in that our Education Director tailors our curriculum for each student.  Link instructors teach science, language arts, social studies, history, math, and electives.  All our courses are accredited, and meet or exceed state standards.  Link School students who complete their senior year with us will receive a high school diploma at graduation.For three weeks of each month, we are in the classroom and out on projects working with students on their individual academic plans.  Some of that time is also devoted to block-style learning courses in preparation for upcoming field programs.  During that week students spend all day immersed in a topic with a visiting instructor (i.e. Winter Skills and Avalanche Awareness,  Sustainable Ranching with Joel Benson).

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Accreditation:  North Central Association/AdvancED.  North Central and AdvancED is the world-wide leader in academic accreditation of independent schools (

To download a pdf of our current course catalog, please click here (this is updated at the end of August of each year).  For a copy of our current course list, please click here (this is updated in June of each year).  If you are interested in back copies of our Course Catalogs, please click on the year you are interested in:   08/09 catalog, 09/10 catalog, 10/11 catalog, 11/12 course catalog, 12/13 course catalog, 13.14 course catalog, 14.15 course catalog, 15.16 course catalog.

Link School graduates have received college acceptances from Colorado State University, Ft. Lewis, Ithaca College, Lewis and Clark, Prescott College, Principia College, Quest, St. Johns, University of Denver, University of the Ozarks, Western State, and Whitman College.


Link School science class studying hydrology along the Arkansas River