Field Programs

Students plan for and engage in a 7-10 day wilderness field program each month.  Field programs include river running, horse packing, backpacking, sea kayaking, surfing, rock climbing, canyoneering, mountain biking, and foreign travel.

Once a year, Link students embark on a month-long major expedition to a foreign country (Peru 2008/2009; Mexico 2009/2010; Spain/Turkey 2010/2011; Patagonia, Chile 2011/2012; Baja, Mexico 2012/2013). These trips include language study, a field laboratory for academics and backcountry adventure components.

The purpose of each field program is to help students learn planning and organizational skills, develop leadership and responsibility, be challenged physically, put their spiritual beliefs into “in the world” practice, provide good fodder for quality writing and photography, and to be immersed in a dynamic natural sciences environment. The adventure component of The Link School is accredited through the Association for Experiential Education (

Please see Photo Gallery for expedition pictures and News or Blogs for write-ups on recent field programs.