Tuition Payment and Plans

img_3493.gifTuition at The Link School is $28,000 per year.

For students who have been offered a position at The Link School, in order to confirm acceptance, we request a deposit of $500, that will be applied towards the student’s tuition.  Should a student choose to withdraw from Link, here are our policies:

  • Withdrawal after June 1st will result in the loss of the $500 deposit.
  • Withdrawal 31 days prior to the student’s enrollment date will result in the responsibility  to pay the agreed upon tuition in full (if your student is enrolled for the entire school year, then it will be full tuition.  If your student enrolled after the 1st semester, then the amount owed will be less.)  The Link School depends upon each student’s full tuition to run its programs, maintain its facilities, pay its instructors, and handle a myriad of  other costs associated with its budget and operations.

Tuition Payment Plans


  • Monthly: This plan is broken down into 10, equal, monthly installments, due by check in our office by the end of each month, August – May.
  • One-time Payment: You may also choose to pay your tuition in full by August 31st.
  • Other:  If a payment plan longer than 10 months has been approved, then payment will be as agreed to between the School and the parent(s)/guardian(s).

Please note: Our actual cost per student is $50,000+ per year. Should you be so inclined we would be grateful to receive any additional funds you would be willing to send as a donation to The Link School to help cover these expenses.

Tuition Assistance Appliction

You may download an application for Tuition Assistance Funds here.  If you desire to request Tuition Assistance Funds from Link, the application for these funds process must be complete before Link can confirm acceptance of your student.