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Tell Me, by Ruth CoolidgeIMG_1975

Tell Me
Tell me of your adventures;
let me live them too.
Tell me when you arrive at school
so I can breathe the well-missed Rocky Mountain air
and embrace old friends and new.
Tell me about your first trip,
of limits overcome, of fears conquered,
so I can rejoice in victory with you.
Describe to me the aspen leaves turned yellow,
so I can marvel at their hue.
Tell me about the farmer’s market
so I can taste fresh apples, sweet carrots
and hear the talk of harvest begin anew.
Tell me about Thanksgiving—
family reunited, redefined,
so I can hear the laughter too.
Tell me about climbing,
so I can feel my arms shake from exhaustion
and finally learn to trust those shoes.
Tell me about Ecuador,
so I can see the road blur by under the tires of my bike
and learn things I never knew.
Tell me about the snow,
of sledding in Leadville
so I can fly and feel my lips turn blue.
Tell me about your first ski day
so I can shred powder
and ride the lift again, reach the top, see the view.
Tell me about the meals you make
so I can taste my favorite foods
and work on crew.
Tell me about your boot hockey games
so I can run and whack and cheer
the way we always do.
Tell me about the horses,
all their funny antics and the skills you learn
so I can love and hug them with you.
Tell me about your projects,
the amazing things you build together
so I can work hard, too.
Tell me about the river,
so I can be wet and cold
and scream at the rapids as we splash through.
Tell me about Wal-Mart runs,
trips to K’s,
movie nights,
ice climbs,
soft guitar music before dinner,
snowstorms in May,
rides in the back of the truck,
Get’em games,
and everything you learn to be true.
Live, love your experience,
never take a moment for granted,
and at the end of it all tell me how you grew.
Tell me your adventures;
let me live them too.